Saturday, July 28, 2012


I never wanted to admit that I read the trilogy Shades of Gray, but I figure the gig is up when I start Pinning on Pinterest actors who should play the main character in the movie.   Why in the world would a nice middle aged, Christian girl like myself be reading this filth, and more than once I might add?  Yes, I read them each at least twice possibly three times. 

This is how it all began....Someone at work sent me a link of a review that was written by Dr Drew (it was from Fox news)  I read the review and was intrigued.  The author believes this series is very degrading to women.  So I read it, I just wanted to see what the hype was....yes,  I did it only for  research....I DID!!  Personally, I didn't find it any more degrading than a lot of things in this world. 

The main character is a man who is 27 who is a self-made millionaire. (First sign this was a novel/fantasy)  The first thing I did was turn him into oh, I don't know... let's say a man  approx 49 years old who is a millionaire. He meets a young girl who may remain 22.  May to December relationships are fine, but taking the chance that I may end up lusting after a 27 year old at my age is NOT fine.  (double standard I know)  Once I got the characters in their proper age groups I read and read and read.  I didn't put it down until I was finished.  I read all three books in no more than a weeks time.  I was on sick leave at that time so that helped.

For those who may not be familiar it's the story about a man who is into very kinky things.  He has never had a true loving relationship, he has just always been a dominate who took care of his subs financially and sexually, but never emotionally.  The book is NOT about only whips and chains and other kinkery.  There is a love story.  However, every commentary I have read has it all wrong.  They focus way too much on the whips and chains.  One person wrote that women love these books because secretly we want to be hurt or want to do something out of the ordinary. They insinuated that we like to get away from changing diapers and cleaning house.   NO NO NO NO we don't, well yes we do, but we don't want to take a break from this stuff to go get beat in the bedroom.  

I realize men have their fantasies and well so do women.  The old saying is men want to marry a Schoolteacher by day but they want a freak in the sheets at night.  Speaking for myself I want a man who cooks, cleans,and scrubs floors.  To me that's pretty damn sexy. 

This book takes us where our real life doesn't.  Christian Grey is our Knight in Shining Armor.  This girl wants for nothing and I'm not just talking financially.  He meets every need she has, he takes care of her. Even more importantly he loves her with all his heart, mind and soul.   He is willing to sacrifice.  The problem with young girls reading this book isn't the raw sex or the sub/dom relationship, it's in believing that you can change a person.  This is a novel.  It's an X rated Disney Princess story...a fairy tale.  Or as I've heard it referred to....Mommy Porn. 

Sadly I admit, I will be at the midnight premier with three or four of my closest friends.  (and you know who you are so don't deny it!)

Saturday, July 21, 2012


John and I Just got back from a wonderful vacation.....friends allowed us to use their home in Florida and we just chilled and didn't do much of anything.  I'm not sure I used a complete brain cell in the entire two weeks.  I didn't fret over work, or what was happening at home.  We just took one day at a time with wonderful friends and enjoyed life and laughed a lot!

Then we woke up on Friday to the awful news of the massacre in Colorado.  I wasn't going to watch the news concerning it because I tend to get caught up in the story and the people.  However, as the day progressed there was no ignoring it.  I'm afraid I have not been able to shut my mind off since.  What a world we live in.  All I have are questions and no answers.  Below is my list of questions and if anyone has the answers, please feel free to speak up, because quite frankly I'm at a loss.

Why.....what happened that one individual decided to do this?  What happened?  He just woke up one day and thought this was a good idea?  Why did he turn his apparent brilliance into evil?  What happens that nobody sees this?  Why do we feel the need to have semi automatic weapons or worse?  Why do we feel the need to tell others they can't have the right that is theirs under the constitution of the United States of America, Why don't we put the responsibility where it really should go....on this one individual?  Why when there is a catastrophe like this do we turn on one another?  Why is it Obama's fault or the Republicans fault? Why is the responsibility of the NRA?  Why can you purchase 6000 rounds of ammo over the Internet and not be put on an FBI watch list?  What makes us think if we ban guns, the insane won't find some other form of terrorist weapon?  How did the terrorists of 9/11 pull off crashing four planes within hours, with nothing more than box cutters as their weapons?  ( OK planes were their weapons also, but they got possession of the planes through box cutters) You can make weapons out of various household chemicals.Again I ask....WHY DO WE NEED AUTOMATIC AND SEMI AUTOMATIC WEAPONS!? Why should people like my dad, who loves to hunt, be penalized because some dumb ass did something heinous? Are violent movies to blame? Are violent video games to blame.  How much can we possibly place the blame on outside influences?   What about this kids parents?  Did they know he was crazy?  Did they ever see any signs that he was a danger to society? How do they feel?  Do they feel responsible?   Should they feel responsible?  When your son or daughter does something like this, does a part of you hate them?  How do you find the strength to move on?  To face him again? How do the survivors feel? How do they move on?  How do the families of those who are lost move on?  How do they not let hate consume them? Is forgiveness possible? 

As you see the questions can go on and on.  I have my opinions on some of these questions. Some I'm on the fence about.  We will never live in a sterile world. There will always be crazies.  I believe no amount of regulating is going to eliminate a single crazy person.  They will find a way to spread their carnage.   Too many people have sacrificed their lives for our freedoms.  We should never be too eager to give those rights up.    Laws are made because we have people that need controlled.  When we stop taking personal responsibility, someone else will take responsibility for us.  I prefer to make my own decisions rather than let a government do it for me. 

I feel so terribly sorry for the victims and their families, but I also feel bad for the parents of this boy.  From all accounts so far, he came from a "normal" family.  They must be devastated, worried, scared, mad, and feeling awful that a part of them could do such an evil act.   All I know is my God is big....bigger than any of this and I believe one day there will be no sorrow, no pain, no tears, no sickness and no evil.  We will one day live in eternity with only joy and happiness in our hearts. 

More later......