Saturday, May 25, 2013


I really don't pay much attention to birthdays, particularly my own.  I know my awesomeness made May 25th a very special day in my moms life.  After all the shenanigans of my hyperactive older brother, she was so happy to get a girl. I have no idea why she gave me a boys name, but I do know she blames my dad.  I was supposed to be named Stephanie, but unfortunetely she chose May 25th to be the first day EVER that she listened to Bob. ( that's probably not true, I think there was an incident in the back of a 56 chevy...just sayin')  So now they had a Roger and a Bobbie. The only place I ever excelled in comparison to my brother is potty training; I was nine months old and he was nine years old.  Other than that small hurdle, he has turned out OK.

My favorite age was 25.  John and I looked at each other when we were 25 and both said " this is the life"  We had a baby, each other, and a 1985 Honda civic.  What more could we want?  Seriously, we thought we were on top of the world.  This lasted quite awhile actually, but it's really not good to peak so early. 

The thirties were absolutely fine.  We had three good kids.  Our kids were polite, and we seriously could take them anywhere and not worry about their behavior.  I don't remember any embarrassing scenes in public, not one.  They were just good kids.

Then there were the forties.  OMG!!  This last decade can just go to hell okay?  I have never been so glad to see anything end in all my life.  I was thinking...about what made these ten years so bad?  Hmmm I know:


Yes, the teen years aged me an additional ten years.  You know that saying it's not the age it's the mileage.  Yea, my miles are equal to a 60 year old.  I know I blame everything on my kids, but they will be the first to admit it wasn't easy.  I don't care how good your kids are, the worries quadruple.  The driving, the wrecks, the money it takes to raise them, the late night phone calls, the breakups, the drama, the hurt, the stupidity, the thinking they know it all.  The kids hit the teenage years and suddenly my IQ apparently dropped 20 points in their mind. The little kids that I knew in my thirties were now unrecognizable.  Even now, I look back and don't recognize where those babies have gone.

I'm proud to say we weathered the storm.  I believe the worst is over.  ( my mouth to God's ear) I predict that our fifties are going to be divine.  We are going to enjoy our kids once again, we are hopefully going to do the things we didn't get to do in our sleep at night.  John and I are going to enjoy one another into old age.  I asked John the other day "if you dropped dead right now, is there anything I need to know?"  His answer..."I don't have any mistresses or anything".  Okay good to know.  With that being said, here is to another ten good years!