Sunday, November 4, 2012


Good GRIEF....Tuesday cannot get here soon enough, but wait....being my realistic self, as opposed to my pessimistic self, I do not believe Wednesday morning this horror movie will be over.

Here is my prediction for Wednesday morning....Ohio will hold this whole shenanigan up.  The election from hell will be like the "chad" election where suddenly old people were too weak to quite push that chad out the other side of the paper and left something hanging.  (Put your weight into it!!) Accusations will be flying about who "Owns" the voting machines and when you checked Obama you actually voted for Romney. (or the other way around)    I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT.  I'm so sick of conspiracy theories I could puke.  So to young and old alike...... Take your crazy asses to vote, make sure you do it correctly and shut up.  

When you come home, there is no need to go on FB and tell me who you voted for, I think I already know based on your political posts the last two years. 

How about this.  We come home and thank God for the people who gave us the RIGHT to vote.  Those who fought and conquered so we could post our rants on facebook without fear of government persecution. (let's just persecute each other)   I thank God that as a woman I am allowed to have a say.  I'm thankful that it's a very real possibility that a woman will someday be president.  I hope when that happens we don't spend the entire four years worrying about her wardrobe, her weight or how pretty or ugly she is.  It's a stressful job.  She will probably look like Halloween when it's all over. 

So this is my political rant.......GO VOTE AND SHUT UP. 


  1. I think this is GREAT!!!!

    Barry says....because you're Bobbie and we let you chirp along... you really don't have a say. hahahaha

  2. He also said after the year of the say. (ok who's the chirper?)