Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day One LA Tourists

Good grief, I'm not doing very well at blogging this vacation.  It almost feels like a job trying to figure out the app and get pictures included and on and on.  I will tell you, we are having a great time.  The first full day in LA we tourists did touristy things.  First stop and about an hour drive (we took the scenic route) was Randy's Donuts?  Have you heard of that?  Yea, me either.  I guess it's a donut shop that has been seen in many movies. If you go to Wiki it will tell you which movies.

Next stop:  Walt's Barn.  This is A barn that was moved from the backyard of Walt Disney's house.  A group of volunteers keep it up and running.  It is not connected in any way to the Disney parks.  

Next stop:  Forest Lawn Cemetery.  Ken has an app on his phone that tells you where dead celebrities are buried.  We saw where Walt Disney's ashes were buried and no he isn't frozen somewhere to be brought back to life he really was cremated.  We also saw where George Burns and Gracie are buried.  There is a bench in front of their crypt and that is where George would come often and talk to Gracie.  I really wanted to see Michael Jackson's place of burial, but it is not accessible.  You can see where people drop off flowers daily at the door.  Everyday the keepers of the cemetery come along and dispose of them. We did go see the house he died in which is on the same street as Walt Disney's.  (someone in this group is a Walt Disney Fan)

Then our last touristy thing of the day was to eat the famous chicken at Knott's Berry Farms.  See the place mat below?  It has a lot of words and a lot of years there doesn't it?  Well, imagine that you are eating late and you are kind of irritable after a long day of being a tourist and in the booth across the aisle a child approx 10 years old was reading this word for word in her best monotone, outside voice.  I thought it would NEVER end!  EVER!  I was afraid once it did end, her parents would ask for a menu so she could read the history on the back of it too.

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