Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Disney Days

This is the part of the trip that I MUST be careful not to offend Barbie and Ken, who are also known as our happiness coordinators. They are Disney Fanatics like no other.  So I would never want to offend them.

 I was torn between being on Royal baby watch or going to Disney.  Disney won.  What can you say about Disney?  There is nothing that they do half cracked.  It is truly a class act of amusement parks.  If I had a dying wish I would love to go to Disney with just me and ten of my closest friends when nobody else is in the park.  It could be midnight to 6am for all I care.  That would be great!

It is so crowded here and the lines are just so long.  You are constantly in danger of getting hurt with strollers, wheelchairs and hum arounds.  I get so mad.  Note to my children:  If I am ever wheelchair bound, DO NOT take me to an amusement park.  I couldn't be more serious.  I'm not trying to be cold hearted but who do you think is pushing those wheelchairs?  Ten year olds are that's who and they will run your ass over in a heartbeat! Why people let ten year old kids navigate is beyond me.  

Our hotel is gorgeous.  We are staying at The Grand Californian.  This is such a neat place.  When you walk outside the hotel you are in Downtown Disney.  At the end of the walkway you go right for California Adventure or left for Disneyland.  It's a great set up and so convenient.  No buses, or any transportation needed.   

We ate at two really good restaurants.  The first dinner was at Blue Bayou in Disneyland.  It was cool.  It made you feel as though you were in New Orleans.  It overlooked the boat ride of Pirates of the Caribbean.  The food was excellent.  

The second night we ate at the Winery in California Adventure called Golden Vine Winery.    

Again, we had a very good meal. I meant to take pictures of our meals and just forgot.  I can only tell you none of us were disappointed.
John happy to have found a refreshing beverage.  

Me:  Just contemplating how I almost got killed by a hum around.

Two great days....two fun parks.  Four great friends.

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