Friday, July 19, 2013


Get a duffel bag.....everything will fit they said

I have a hunch that I'm being tricked.   Our traveling partners (Barbie and Ken)  talked us into taking dropped bottom duffel bags.  Really?  pack for a two week vacation with just a duffel bag?   My fear is we are actually going on a hiking trip and nobody wanted to tell me.  Oh my what hell that would be.  Seriously, the only hike I want to take is around an air conditioned mall.

One of the most frustrating jobs is packing a suitcase to go on vacation.  I would like to pack just enough and not too much.  Everything I pack is based on What ifs.  What if we want to go somewhere nice to eat?  What if it's rainy and cold?  What if it's 100 degrees? What if I run into Harrison Ford or Michael Douglas? Do I take 6 pairs of shoes or two basic pairs?  I mean even making a decision about underwear is major.  I tend to pee my pants when I laugh (OR lift heavy objects which John so kindly let out of the bag to friends last weekend) so that could mean I need two pairs a day, which would be 28 pairs if we didn't have a washing machine. A teenage girl could pack 28 pairs of underwear in a sandwich baggie, but I have a lot of junk in my trunk so forget it.  Then there's toiletries.  You know there aren't any drug stores or Targets in California right?  What goes in the carry on?  This is one I need to worry about because it seems no matter how careful I am something gets confiscated at security.  You know I can be a dangerous SOB with that tube of Crest or my favorite Bath and Body Lotion.  Did you know however, that you can take your own mini booze bottles on the plane?  ChaChing!!!  John got me enough Vodka that he is relatively comfortable he won't lose a finger with every hit of turbulence because I have his hand in a death grip.  No I will be sitting there all relaxed and care free.

Actually air travel makes me a bit crazy until we are safe and secure at our destination.   Someday I will tell you about our last flight to California with missed connections and a hotel full of Glee-like boys we almost had to bunk with. Until another time....I have to go try and cram more crap into my duffel bag and keep it under 50 pounds.

Taylor helping me keep it closed so I could zip it.  

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