Saturday, January 28, 2012

Life Marches On

I remember growing up and even through my adult life my mom would tease my dad about his next wife. (there will be another day dedicated to John's next wife stay tuned) Mom and I both agree that men tend to want to re-join the marriage institution after the first wife is gone.  Sometimes within the first six months.  That pie she brought after the funeral was probably the best pie EVER.    I have nothing against re marriage because truly life marches on and on and on.   The remaining spouse needs to keep going.  Now my mom's fix for that second wife was to take the knobs off the kitchen cupboards and place them out of reach so the woman would have to drag a chair around the kitchen to open them.  As you will see, maybe tomorrow, is I'm a bit gentler.  In fact I bought the next wife a new living room suit.  I hope she likes it.

A few weeks ago, the Saturday before my hysterectomy, John, me, Shelly, Barry and Terri went looking for a Happy Hysterectomy couch.  At that time it was all a joke.  I said I wanted to make sure that second wife had some nice furniture to get started on.  We ordered what we wanted and then got a call that they couldn't cover the couch in the material that we had picked out.  Even at the time of that phone call, I wondered if there was a sign in there somewhere.  Was I not supposed to spend the money?  Did God feel that the material we had picked out was hideous? Was God worrying that it wasn't the next wife's taste? Dear God, if you are trying to tell me something you better just come out and say it because I'm a little dense.  After we got the diagnosis, one of my first instincts was to just forget the crazy couch, it wasn't important.  Though, it really isn't important in the scheme of things, it goes along with the theme that life marches on......I'm getting the couch.

We were also in the middle of planning a family vacation to Myrtle Beach.  John, me, all the kids and Taylor.  Our only regret was that Ben will be deployed at the time and wouldn't  be able to be with us.  We still thought it would be a nice break for everyone. especially Sam and Taylor who will be missing Ben terribly, to get away from the routine of life for a week.  I have all intentions of going on that vacation.  LIFE Marches on. 

Only God knows what the future holds. I am going to plan each day and keep marching.   I'm going to assume there are a lot more birthdays, Christmases, New Years,retirement, travel and joyful times.  I'm also going to assume there will be tears, trials and bad days.  I am no different than anyone else.  We all have "things" in our lives to deal with.   I admire people who can put their heads down and just plow through....I want to be one of those people.  With God, Friends and wonderful family, we can all do that.  I'm blessed to have all three.

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  1. Bobbie you are one of those people. I have seen you put your head down and plow though. You can do this!