Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Today it Is

For a very long long time I have wanted to blog.  I have other blogs I follow and a lot of them drew me in because I had something in common with them and just generally insterested in others people's thoughts and views.    I have no real goals for this blog, except to put MY thoughts, feeling, dreams, joys, heartache into a spot where I can get at them. 

Yesterday, I was given the news that I have cancer.  I decided right at that moment that I wanted to blog through it.  Now I'm hoping this Cancer stuff can be like a short part of this blog.  I don't mean that I hope I die quickly, I'm hoping that as we do more testing it will be a walk in the park and contained and no big deal.  If that happens I will continue to blog my boring life. 

Please be warned, I'm not always nice, I don't always use great language, I  use humor for a lot of things in life and sometimes that humor can be very sarcastic.  Just let me be me, it won't be that bad I promise.

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  1. I'm sorry. I hate the "C" word. Is it a type that will respond to treatment?

  2. Praying for you Bobbie and good for you for handling this news by blogging your way through it. I really admire you! YOu have so many friends and family that will also help see you through this.

  3. The best part of your humor is the sarcasm.

  4. Remember, your perfect just the way you are. The smart-ass approach is just the cherry on top. LOL.

  5. B-CAN is more than your affectionate nickname now it has a double meaning.
    B-CAN in the hiz ouse. Even though we share a love of IHOP, sometimes it's OK to visit INOP too. HERE if U need IT B-Chizzle!