Friday, May 11, 2012


Well, apparently Time needs a lift in sales.  What are your views on this? 

First the positives:

1.  Breast feeding is wholesome and nutritious.
2.  It's economical
3.  Some find it convenient (as long as you aren't sumo wrestling an infant to get it to latch on )
4.  No bottles and nipples to sterilize or contend with.
5.  Some people think it bonds them.
6.  As you see my positives are becoming more and more sarcastic.
7.  It gets a little less convenient when you have to tote a chair around for the little guy to stand on.

My View According to Bobbie and slightly channeling Vivian:

  I do not mind seeing a mom out in public breastfeeding.  Most women who do it, are very good at it.  I on the other hand would be like a bull in a china closet and my boob would be in my plate of spaghetti and meat balls. I am the reason a lot of people don't like to see public breastfeeding...I apologize to those who have the gift of BFing for ruining it for you.

I do however, find this cover disturbing on many levels.  Put the breastfeeding part away for a moment.  This is not a debate about that.  It's an udderly ridiculous cover.(hah get it udderly)   It is a damn good thing this mother is homeschooling .  I'm telling you right now, kids at pre school are not going to take kindly to milk and cookie time if his milk doesn't come out of the same 8oz carton as theirs does. 

If this kid went to a real high school, and his peers found this.....what in the world do you think would happen?  As wrong as it is to bully anyone ever, we have just put a known obstacle in this kids way. Being on the cover sucking on your moms teet at four years old is not cool when you are thirteen.  His mom thinks she is being smart, no, in my opinion this is one of the dumbest thing she has done and I believe some day she will look back and cringe.  (I'm not casting too big of stones here because we all have our cringe moments as parents)

If you notice in the fine print it mentions attachment parenting.....oh boy, here we go.  I want everyone to know and realize this is not new nor is it wrong.  I would bet anything that my grandma "wore" her babies.  They strapped their little papooses on their backs or in front and carried them out to plant the field.  When the baby got hungry she would pull out her self contained milk dispensers and feed him.  At night, because they lived in a small house and the other three bedrooms housed the other nine kids, the baby slept with mama.  This my friends is attachment's not new and it's not unique. Some smart college grad didn't "invent" it.  Today we do a lot less of this because two people are  trying to eek out a living and have to detach from Pumpkin to do it. 

So there you have it...I think the cover is stupid and looks stupid and I have no idea what the purpose of it is.  I see a little boy being exploited by adults who think they are being smart.  From what I'm reading this even gives people who endorse breastfeeding palpitations.  I don't think the Le Leche League has put out a formal statement yet, but I hope when they do they step up and speak out that though breastfeeding is a wonderful thing, exploiting children on covers of magazines is just not cool. 

Ps.  The chair drives me crazy too.  If this picture HAD to be done, could we have at least made it a little less stupid.  sighhhhhhhhhhh.......

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