Saturday, May 26, 2012


I vividly remember John taking me to see Private Ryan at the movie theatre.  I knew this wasn't going to be my type of movie because I'm more of a chick flick girl and would rather not think too deeply when trying to be entertained.  As we are watching one of the first scenes (actually it was a scene that lasted about 27 intense minutes) where the soldiers are running off the boat and storming the beach, I could  barely watch.  I screamed at John..."I HATE THIS F'ING MOVIE!!"  Just as I screamed the movie got real quiet and my voice echoed through the theatre.  I couldn't help it, I didn't do it to be funny, I just really hated the movie.  Why did I hate it?  I hated it because it was too real.   Too realistic.  My mind couldn't grasp that there is so much ugliness in war and that those guys who were storming the beach were real people, with real families.  These were ordinary people plucked out of ordinary lives to fight for an extra-ordinary country.  I find that very overwhelming and hard to compute.

As we celebrate this weekend, let's put our politics aside. Let's remember those who gave and sacrificed the ultimate price so we could enjoy the simple freedoms we have  today.  I did nothing to earn these freedoms, someone else paid the price and for that I'm grateful.

Let's continue to pray for our men and women in the military today and everyday. I personally only know two currently serving in Afghanistan, but I pray for them all.    Many of us have loved ones that are sacrificing at this very moment.  Let's continue to pray for their safe return. 

Joey Marcoaldi and his dad last Memorial Day. 

Ben and Joey, please stay safe and know that everyone is praying for you and we are counting the days until your safe return!


The hardest "see ya later" EVER!

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