Thursday, May 3, 2012


3 C's of Life!

When I don't write for a few days a few folks want to know why.  Some apparently like reading this.  Well, sometimes I have so much going through my head I don't even know where to start.  If I'm not careful my posts could sound like a six year old with ADHD....I would be all over the place.

In fact today, I'm bitter sweet....sad, happy, worried, anxious, envious all at once.  This is either bi-polar or ADHD....Either way I feel like I need medicated. 

I don't want to go into too many details, but I have a friend who may be moving.  I'm guessing it really will happen and I'm so happy for him.  You talk about someone having a dream and going after it.  This person did just that.  It's not final yet and things could still go the other direction, but more than likely...... a whole lot of us that love him a lot will have to endure a big CHANGE... 

I really pride myself on not minding change. I believe change is good and it keeps us on our toes.   Now I'm not so sure I really like it.  This move will change so so much.  The part I'm most upset about is my twinge of envy.  I really need to get over that.  I wish I had awakened a little sooner in life and realized that you either live safely with no risk or take chances. I'm not a risk taker.  When you allow yourself to dream there is risk.  Yet, what really is the risk?  Failure?  If you have no failures you probably never did anything.  I know at work, I never ever beat people up for making a mistake.  When people are going literally 100 miles per hour trying to keep ten balls in the air, I'm not going to kick them when they are down.  (sorry ADHD moment)  Some, if not most, of life's greatest people have failed. 

Anyway, my soul mate and I really like our calm life.  All our choices have been super safe and very conventional.  I wonder what may have happened if we had chosen to dream.  I regret that I lived so frightened.  I regret that I worried when God had it under control the entire time.  I don't think I can look back on anything I had lost sleep worrying about, that God hadn't already handled.  My pretending to be in control and trying to worry my way out of problems, did nothing.  All it did was leave me enslaved to myself and life. I make this sound like I'm unhappy, nah......I'm not.  I am just a big cheerleader for people who pursue and conquer their dreams.  I'm not a big dreamer. I chose can't really go wrong with safe I guess, but you don't go to awful far either.

To my kids I say....You are young. Screw being traditional.  Be a good steward, be of good character, be very responsible, be considerate of others, love God, but dream.  Dreams don't just happen, they need pursued. Dreams require you take some chances. As long as you take responsibility for yourself and do not expect others to carry you, it's your life.  Whatever you do, try not to live in fear.  I mean there is logical swimming with alligators, I would be very afraid.....riding a motorcycle without a helmet....well that's just stupid.  Worry about your children.....I'd be mad if you didn't.  Please don't constantly be looking up waiting on the sky to fall, it probably won't.

Does anybody want me to speak at a graduation?  I think this "Daring to Dream" thing would be a good topic no matter what our age! 

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