Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Taylor Interview......

  We can't wait for the baby to sleep through the night, but.....we miss rocking them to sleep.  We cheer them on when they start to crawl.....then we put them in a play pen so they can't move.  We want them to talk so we know they can hit their mile stones, but once they have proven their ability to talk and talk and talk.....we beg for silence.  We want our toddlers to be happy, yet (this is for Sam and me) when things get too loud, we want them to stop laughing and screaming so much.   We want our kids to go to school, yet we miss them being home.  We want them to have lots of friends, but they need to be the RIGHT friends.  We want them to grow into good self sufficient adults, but we still want them to need us.  Oh, the list can go on and on....

As we approach Taylor's fourth birthday I just marvel how much kids learn in such a short time.  We all do it, my kids did it, but I think when it's your grandchild you look at them differently.  You actually have the time to marvel at how they grow, learn and interact.  I've decided to interview Taylor and here is some of our conversation:

Bobbie:  Who do you like better Grandma or Grandpa
Taylor:  (with a scowl)  I like you both the same

Bobbie:  What do you want to be when you grow up?
Taylor:  A princess

Bobbie:  What makes mommy happy?
Taylor:  When I pick up my toys

Bobbie:  What makes mommy sad?
Taylor:  When there is a mouse in the house, but it's gone now.

She interrupted our interview to tell me that her lizard eats apples and carrots and Aunt Katie is going to grow a mustache on her chin.

Bobbie:  What is your teacher's name?
Taylor:  I don't know I didn't ask.

Bobbie:  Where's daddy
Taylor:  He's in the army helping people

Bobbie:  If you could buy anything you wanted what would you buy?
Taylor:  A green light.
Bobbie:  A green light?
Taylor:  yea, for kids.  when they are in bed and you shut the lights off the green light comes on and they won't be scared.  I would also buy a cuddle, cuddle puppet.

Bobbie:  Name your friends.
Taylor:  Marlie, Zoe, Callie, AJ, Lisa (her moms friend) and Angela (again her moms friend)

Bobbie:  Tell me about how Aunt Katie surprised Grammy Pammy.
Taylor:  { big scream} it was loud! 

Taylor:  Can I go outside bare toed? (this is what she says instead of barefoot)

This is the end of our interview because just like all kids, she doesn't like to be interrogated and she has places to go and see.

 Tay surprises me with what she remembers.  She remembers her and her mom making a cake to bring me when I was in the hospital.  She remembers how at Christmas my niece Stephanie "ruined" her play dough by mixing the colors.  (she's harboring a grudge on this one)

My earliest memory is around Taylor's age.  I prayed for a little sister.  I remember my mom bringing home a cat and she had it wrapped in a blanket and I thought I had scored a sister.  I also remember around the same age, a pick up truck came crashing into our house and prior to it crashing, my mom yelled "BOBBIE, GET TO THE BACK OF THE HOUSE"  I was four......where the HELL is the back of the house!! 

I love that I have a little person that I can watch grow and learn.  She also helps me remember my childhood and how wonderful it was.

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