Saturday, September 8, 2012

Who Has a Big WOO HOO for Empty Nest?

I know this isn't going to go over well with people.  I know it's going to come out all cold and ugly and unemotional, yet I doubt it really will shock anyone either.  So here goes.....I LOVE TO BE ALONE.  I do, I just love it.  I'm not saying I would want to be alone 24/7 but 10/7 would be OK.  Seriously, If I could have one day a week of total alone time, I would be one happy lady.  Something has changed drastically with life.  I used to work every Saturday.  My day off during the week used to be either Wednesday's or Thursday's.  This was my day to do whatever I wanted.  I would get the kids off the school and clean the house, plan a nice dinner, and do whatever it is I wanted to do.  Many times the TV would never even be turned on.  I prefer silence to anything.

Here is another mommy blogger shocker.....empty nest doesn't phase me.  I don't want my kids to feel unwanted and I hope they don't read too much into their suitcases being packed by the door, but isn't leaving the nest a natural part of life?  I mean, I really wonder about people who want to all live together like a cult or something.  It's just not the way life is supposed to be.  (Please don't make me start quoting bible verses about leaving your mother and father and cleaving to another)  Truly I only have one left at home and wouldn't you know her middle name is pig pen.  She just happens to be the last one to give up her blankey, so that should have told me something right there.  I want her to leave when she's ready, I don't want to rush her because once she walks out that door, it gets boarded up and you have to have a secret password and handshake to get back in.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  I have my Pinterest boards all ready as to what I'm doing with each bedroom.  ( In fact, I think John is starting on the one bedroom next week.)  One bedroom has structural damage, but to no fault of Sarah's.  I believe the good son had a X Box meltdown and chucked a controller through the wall. 

Let me clear something up.  I truly like being a mom.  If you talk to my friends they will claim I didn't know where the kids were when we went on a couples only cruise, but I did.  I  knew they were safe  with Sergeant Vivian.   I didn't feel the need to spend 15 dollars on a phone call from Jamaica to check on them.  Dang, you people are high strung.  (I suppose this is another reason there is no Mother Of The Year award)  Anyway, I did like being a mom and have wonderful memories of family dinners.  If you don't have family dinners, I think you are missing out on something really special.  In this age of smart phones (I think each baby has to have a phone and an infant seat to be released from the hospital) Internet, I pods, I pads etc, family dinners are 20 minutes where all devices can be shut off and we can have conversations about the day.  Most nights John and I just needed to sit and listen as the kids talked to one another.  We really didn't have to add on an interrogation room with a one way mirror until around the age of 14.  Water boarding never really worked well for us, but we will discuss that in another blog.

Now why do I look forward to empty nest?  Well, I would like to tell you it's because John and I want to make whoopie all over the house like the old days.  ( my kids just threw up in their mouth), but actually it's just because I would be really really worried if I had not raised kids that are self sufficient and responsible enough to leave the nest at a decent age.  What's a decent age?  I don't know....everyone is different, but dear God please don't let it be past 25 PLEASE!!  I think what John and I have proven and our kids finally truly see, is in spite of my joking around, we are family.  We have each others backs and through strife, good times, bad times, rough times and sometimes what seems like impossible times we are all there for one another.  You don't have to be attached at the hip to have each other's backs, you just have to have that bond of family.  I'm glad our kids have each other and I'm glad I have each one of them.   But.....move on already.  :)

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