Saturday, April 14, 2012


These are not the best pictures, but here is the story:

As everyone knows a few weeks ago we all said good bye to Ben as he was deployed.  With Taylor only being three, it's hard to know exactly what she comprehends, but yesterday told me that she "gets it".

As we were walking through the mall we found a penny on the floor.  Now, I'm really not a superstitious person, was Friday the thirteenth AND the penny was heads up.  I just didn't want to take any chances you know? 

Taylor picked it up and we went to the fountain to throw it in.  It really surprised me when she closed her eyes, blew on the penny and said "I wish daddy would come home" and she threw the penny in the fountain.  It was kind of sad. 

Sam got her a frame that says:  I miss my papa....He's my Hero.  They pray each night for daddy. 

Prayers will get it done.

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