Monday, April 9, 2012


Went to the Dr.

That's about where we could end this post. It was pretty uneventful.  I did more talking than usual.  I went with my questions prepared this time. I overcame my fear and thought...dammit you are getting paid lots of money and I'm going to hold you in this room so that you earn your it.

Actually the guy has grown on me...he's OK, just business like.  He's one of those people you would just once like to hear laugh.  I bet though rare, it would be a good laugh.  As funny as I think I sometimes can be he's a real challenge.  If I had to diagnose him, I would keep it simple like.....Funny Bone Challenged, or Laughter Impaired....or even Bedside Manor Interruptus.  I don't know.  I just can't imagine what he does for fun.  I'm guessing he's a rock collector.

Here's the conversation today:

Dr:  How do you feel
Me: Not bad

Dr:  Any hot flashes?
Me:  no, only warm moments

Dr:  Sex?
Me:  ummmm Female? 


Then it was my turn:

Me:  I can't sleep at all
Dr:  I don't care (that's what he should have said, his silence said it for him) 

Me:  Have you seen this type of cancer return?
Dr:  Yes and it's usually bigger the second and third times, if it comes back at all.  ( He's obviously is not a candidate to work for a suicide prevention hot line)  He did say if it does return, normally all you have to do is remove it and possibly have a bit of radiation. 

Me:  Will you be my Gyno (sung to the tune of Mr Rogers, Will you be my neighbor?) from here on out?
Dr:  Not if I can help it, I'm already stuck with your bat crap crazy mother.  (just kidding he really didn't say that) 

I will float between him and my regular Dr. at the Women's clinic.  The Women's clinic still have custody of my breasts, and this Dr and Dr W will share the rest.

I'm not sure what I have learned through this. Perhaps patience.  I believe though Dr.'s really do want you to live, they don't really care about your quality of life.  That sounds harsh, but I find when I bring up the pesky problems of day to day living, you know like SLEEP, nobody cares.  This is where it would be nice for your medical Dr. to have a good grasp on the more natural side of things.  There has to be a natural remedy for sleep. 

The only thing that perked my ears up a bit today, and either I missed it in prior appointments or he never said it, is I need another Lung CT scan in May because there were a few "suspicious" lymph nodes on the first CT scan.  I'm not worried, I'm really not....he is just cautious, which is what you want. 

This is the end of Chapter one. 


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