Thursday, June 7, 2012


Day three was much like beach day two. Cloudy and chilly.  As you all can tell by my Goddess like tan, I love the sun.  Well, OK.....maybe not.  I do like the sun.  I was really hoping for more sunny days, but you know what?  You get what you get.  It's still uber relaxing and away from the routine of life so I"m choosing not to complain too much. 

What were the highlights on Day 3? 

We ate....yes when all else fails make a good dinner reservation. We ate at a place called Umberto's at Barefoot landing.  I would give it 3-4 stars.  The side dishes were family style.  Your first side dish was some sort of beans.  I don't know how to explain it except to say it was like bean soup without much soup.  I didn't care for it.  Then we got a cucumber, tomato and onion salad with an Italian dressing on it.  In my opinion this would have been much better just being a regular salad with the dressing on it.  I'm not a tomato person, but the cucumbers were delish and I loved the dressing. 

For the main entree John and I chose a twofer again.  It was a strip steak with two ginormous pork chops on top.  There were also green pepper, onions, mushrooms and red potatoes.

The pork chops and steak were at least two inches thick.  I had half the steak and a couple bites of pork chops.  Amazingly enough the pork chops were more tender than the steak, but all had a great flavor. 

After dinner we had ice cream and a carousel ride.  Then as seems to be the norm, the sun breaks out in the evening, giving you the impression that the next day is going to be gorgeous sunny. We will see....

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