Saturday, June 16, 2012


When I think back to childhood memories, there is no doubt mom really did the dirty work when it came to child rearing.  I never ever ever remember my dad yelling at me, scolding me, or spanking me.  I do remember him sticking up for me.....a lot! 

I've mentioned in past blogs that my grades in school were less than ideal.  I thought school was a social event, not a scholarly one.  I lived for recess and lunch.  In eighth grade I was getting D's and F's in American History.  The teacher wanted to see my parents.  I think mom had finally had enough of my stupidness and made my dad go with her to school.  Well, right off the bat the the teacher, who was a man all of 4 feet 11 inches, pissed my dad off.  He had Statistics on the board as to what percent of students were getting A's B's C's D's and F's.  There were a lot of kids who were in the D and F range.  After the teacher had ranted and raved about how stupid this particular class was my dad said "well, you either have a lot of stupid kids, or you have a lot of stupid teachers trying to teach them"  BOOOYAAAAA CHA CHING!  Dad got him with that one. 

When I had my wreck at the age of 16 ( I rear ended someone) it was my dad who took me to court.  The judge said "so MS. Tedrick, how many feet are you to stay back from the car in front of you?  What is your assured clear distance"  My answer was "two car lengths"   The grumpy judge said " I asked you how many feet!"  at that point my dad spoke up and told the judge he wouldn't know the answer to that question even at his age.  Mr Judge didn't like that.....I don't remember his exact response, but he was grumpy.

Dad was not the modern father of today, in fact he was pretty old school.  The lessons he taught me were quiet subtle lessons.  No lecturing required. 

Things my Dad taught me:

1.  Never say you hate church
2.  Fart is not a nice word
3.  Never ever use the Lord's name in vain
4.  Be nice
5.  Sty's on your eyes happen because I obviously peed in the middle of the road.  (WTH?)
6.  Coffee mixed with toast is a meal.  (as in they are mixed together in a bowl...ewwwww)
7.  Work without complaining.  (I'm a work in progress)
8.  Taught me how to drive stick shift by handing me the keys in Downtown Columbus.
9.  Patience
10.  Be kind to others
11.  To know what channel Fox News is on regardless of which provider you used:  cable, Dish, or direct TV
12.  To love others even if they are democrats.
13.  A love for Cats
14.  Enjoy a good party
15.  It's best if you don't wear a ring at work (his wedding band got caught and tore his finger off)
16. No Bobbie, that hang nail on your finger will not make your finger fall off (well I was only 4!)
17.  If you are at someone else's house and need to use the bathroom, do not be too to embarrassed to use it.  Don't try to make it home.....You just might not make it.  ( you know what I mean dad)
18.  For the big decisions, wait until your mother gets home.
19.  Most of all I learned that a person doesn't have to continually say the words I love you to be loved.  It was rarely said, but definitely guaranteed and I never once doubted it. 

I thank God for both my parents, as in all good relationships, they off set one another.  If mom was against me, I could always count on dad being for me.  It's the same way with John and I....When I'm losing my cool, he's usually holding it together and plays the protective role.  That works both ways.  I find myself being the mediator when he's losing his sh**.  Maybe this is why God set up this whole parenting thing as a partnership.  All  know is I would never ever want to have done it alone and I'm glad I was fortunate enough to have two great parents!

Happy Fathers day to all!

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  1. Aww what a nice post :) You father sounds hilarious.

    Love reading a fellow humor post!

    -The Anon Blogger