Thursday, June 7, 2012


So I've done the non rain rain dance, prayed to the Stop the Rain god's, tried playing mind games with Mother Nature and nothing seems to be bringing out the sun. 

By day 4, I have to say I'm not happy.  We only have two more days to pull this thing out and I'm hoping for a little sympathy from whoever is in charge.  I really haven't bothered God with my prayers because well, I just think there are a lot more important things for Him to worry about than a family of 6 having sun at the beach. ( like keeping our deployed soldiers safe in their desert of hell, Especially Benjamin Soehnlen)  We will just ride it out and make the best of whatever comes up. 

Speaking of Ben, We really do miss him being with us.  Though, the odds of somone being arrested would probably have increased, he would have been the life of this party, seeing as we are so so boring! 

Today, Sam and I went to the outlet malls.  It was kind of cool to just get out and spend a little time in shopping therapy.  Taylor now believes it's her birthday because she got so many presents.

Let's see she got the dress, matching shoes, Prince and princess dolls and a Belle play set.  Besides being able to swim, what more could a girl ask for. 

Then the most amazing thing happened.  The sun started coming out.  We decided to skip dinner (OK we never skip a meal, but we ordered in) and just enjoy the sun.  WOO HOO!!

As for dinner:  WE ordered from the BBQ House in North Myrtle Beach.  Their deal was 1 pint pulled pork, Pint Cole slaw, Pint green beans, two orders of hush puppies, four buns and a gallon of sweet tea.....all for $23. 

Forecast says Mostly Sunny tomorrow YEAHHHHHHHH!

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