Monday, June 4, 2012


I love vacation.  I love getting away from real life.  Right now we are in Myrtle Beach.  (The house is secured with real human beings and a dog that will saw you in half, so don't think you will be able to break in and steal the fine china. (more like Corelle ware)  Our cat, on the other hand would have handed you the keys to the safe.  That's why she is no longer with us.)

We are kind of getting away from real life, except we are taking all the kids with us.  (plus baby talk-a-lot Taylor)  I know, I know, this could go either way.  It could bring back precious memories of vacations past where we would take the kids on vacation each summer.  OR......someone could get arrested and I will have to spend good money to bail them out of jail.

After this week however, I decided it probably can't get much worse, so what the heck. 

  • computer contracted a virus.....not just any virus, but a Trojan Bomb
  • Sarah had one of the worst abscesses I've ever seen which landed her in the hospital
  • Work had it's share of out of the ordinary issues.
  • Then we finished with a dog with a paw that is infected and could, if it doesn't clear up, require amputation,(she will still saw you in half, she's not happy!)  You're heard the expression " Bear with a sore ass?'  Well, this is dog with a sore foot.
  • A husband who is mad we have a dog and well let's just say I'm glad he doesn't own a gun.(sounds heartless, but.......)
I thought I might blog our vacation daily, but at a beach vacation there is not much to talk about except wind, surf and sun and fun.  We will see where this leads.  Maybe we will call it the Best of Myrtle Beach?? Just like old people, we discuss our next meal at the previous meal.  so who knows, maybe something exciting will happen......gosh I hope not.....boring is good.

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