Wednesday, June 6, 2012


So if you know the Canton's at all, you know we are listed in the dictionary under boring.  When we go on vacation we just want to chill and do what we want to do, which in a lot of circumstances is just sit and enjoy the sound of the waves crashing on the shore.  Day two was cloudy all day.  You know what?  Three year olds don't care.  Sam and Taylor went swimming several times yesterday in spite of the weather. 

Tay Playing America's Next Top Model (oh boy)

It's kind of interesting how we adults rate our days.  If the sun isn't shining, or we have the sniffles, we tend to rate the day as bad.  A three year old, on the other hand, can find joy in putting on her favorite princess dress and dancing around the living room.  We adults need to learn some things from the three year old crowd. 

So, day two ( and possibly day three) seems to have been drearier than we would like, but all is still good.  We will just take Taylors lead and be happy in spite of bad weather.

The restaurant chosen by Sarah tonight (which incidently turns out she didn't care for) was PF Changs.  Overall review.....Out of five stars I'd give it 4.  I thought it was good.  John and I had a two for 39.95 which included soup, appetizer (I chose chicken lettuce wraps) two entrees with white or brown rice and a tiny dessert.  I thought everything was really good, we took home a ton of left overs. 

If you EVER want to get a three year old to eat hand her some chopsticks....she did really really well!

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