Saturday, June 9, 2012


Geez, what a way to end a vacation.  Sam got a call this morning from the kennel that was keeping her Great Dane Mickey, that Mickey had died.  They said he had a seizure....the vet believes his stomach probably twisted and that killed him. We don't know what to believe and having an autopsy on an animal wasn't something we were going to do.  So losing Mickey just pretty much set the pace for the day. 

One of the most touching things was while Sam was crying, Taylor looked at Sarah and me and said "Seeing mama crying breaks my heart"  and she put her hand to her heart.   That made me cry.  I guess compassion starts early in life.  There is a lesson in everything I guess.

So, John and I thought we would take Taylor away from the sadness for a bit and take her to the Aquarium.  It was OK, but nothing spectacular.  We saw fish, sharks, sting rays etc.  Taylor got her picture taken with a real life mermaid whose name was also Taylor.

Later on that evening we went to our last dinner at Cagney's.  Cagney's is famous for their prime rib.  Jon and Sarah decided to live large and got a fillet and lobster tail.  Sam and John had the prime rib and I just got a fillet.  Prices are what you would expect to see for a good steak and prime rib place. 

Other than today, this vacation was a wonderful week.  There were no sibling fights (that I'm aware of) Taylor was a joy to watch scamper around the beach and the weather turned out 50/50.  Now it's time to pack up our mess (poor poor maid)  I'm proud to say that there is no structural damage. 

RIP Mickey.  You were a loving, doppy, klutzy, ginormous dog that will be missed



  1. That's sooooo sad! :( Unfortunately, bloat is not uncommon in giant breeds. Poor Mickey.....poor Sam having to come home to that.

    1. Taylors,first experence with Death.Better the dog than a person.I know they can be part of the family,but maybe GOD needed a guide dog for someone that hasen't yet seen the light.Give Sam and Taylor a great big hug.