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Today is the day we actually say good bye.  There will be tears and lots of them.  It's kind of hard for us to hold opposing views.  We have both heavy hearts, yet great pride.  It will be an honor to participate in the  Call To Duty today and bid our soldiers fairwell.  As I wrote below in an earlier post,  please let's continue to pray for all our troops and their families.  Those of you who have been through it already know how hard it is.  As I said below.....“The will of God will not take us where the grace of God cannot sustain us.” 

We will all miss you Ben, we have the home front covered, you worry about you. Be safe and smart.  Keep that sense of humor up until the point it gets you in trouble :)  We know how you are!

We love you!!

Original Post:Last night we attended a going away party for our Son In Law Ben.   He has a month before he leaves for Texas and then after being there a couple months he will be heading for Afghanistan.    His unit will be away for one year. 

I think about Taylor because she is just a little girl and daddy is like an overgrown kid that LOVES to play with her.   Ben's middle name is patience when it comes to Taylor.  He is a wonderful father.  The only consolation is due to advanced technology they will at least be able to see each other technologically and talk to each other that way.  I'm kind of stupid to admit this, but I don't think I realized how badly this deployment stuff sucks until it's one of yours.  It truly does make you stop and think of the people who fought in prior wars and gave so much for the freedoms we have today. 

Samantha, will be OK of course, but will have the additional burden of being a single mother. The last couple times that Ben has left for training a couple weeks at a time, she notices small behavior changes in Taylor.  She becomes extremely attached to Sam and kind of clingy.  Sam is fortunate she is close to both of her siblings and everyone will be there for her including her dad and I and Taylor's other grandparents Pam and Joe.

Even more I think about his momma, (and dad of course, but I'm writing this from a mother's perspective) who will be worried until the day he returns.  I can sit here and act like this affects me more, but there is no way I can trump a mother's love for her son.  I have always told my kids, NOBODY, ANYWHERE will love you more than I do.  The only person/deity that will love you more is God.   When kids grow up and and marry and start families of their own, we parents have to take a few steps back and respect the sanctity of marriage, but that does nothing to change the love, the worry, the concern, the joy and the hope we hold in our heart for our kids.  We will die caring for the very beings we created and were blessed enough to be chosen to be mothers to. So we will do what we can and pray and ask everyone else to pray. 

 Let's remember to keep our service men and women in our prayers. Pray for the families that are left behind or separated, for what seems like an  eternity, that God will give everyone courage, peace of heart and protection.  I believe in a very big God.  He is not weak and timid but is bold and strong.  One of my favorite quotes from Billy Graham is:

“The will of God will not take us where the grace of God cannot sustain us.”


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