Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Taylor Waiving her Flag for Daddy

If you have never been to a Call To Duty ceremony, I'm not going to far as the ceremony itself, it's kind of dry.  The highlights are when the troops come in in formation with the military band playing and the singing of the National Anthem.  This post is a positive and a negative:

The Positive:

The positive I noticed in this ceremony is they kept God in it.  We prayed.  I don't know if the name of Jesus was mentioned, I honestly didn't notice, but we prayed to God.  Any day now I expect to see a facebook post about a movement to remove God from deployment ceremonies.  Until that happens, I was happy God was still welcome.

The Negative: 

You know those politicians we elect?  You know the ones who sit in nice offices all day and meddle in our lives, waste tons of money and believe they are God...yea you know none of them were at the ceremony yesterday?  I honestly don't remember the names of who were supposed to be there.  The only one I remember, because I recognized the name, was Sherrod Brown, but there were at least three others who were invited, but didn't show. 

I know, I know, they had more important things to do and I also realize we have way too many deployment ceremonies in the state of OHIO and attending every one of them is virtually impossible.  (Prior sentence is pure sarcasm, please there are probably two, I really don't know)   I can't even bash a particular party here.  Republicans were in office when the war started and most Democrats are against the war, yet neither were willing to show up and represent. I believe Gov. Kasich should have been there.  It's not like these things aren't on the calendar in advance and he represents the entire state. 

 Yep, our representatives didn't represent.  NICE!!  No, instead they sent the Reps of the Reps, who read letters/speeches that who knows who wrote.  I doubt that reps write their own material, that's why we hire speech writers right? 

One of the best quotes yesterday was from a rep of a rep and he said...."What I was given to read is way too long so I'm going to shorten it so families can spend more time with one another before the buses pull away"  Applause broke out. 

In one way, I guess we would have been more bored to hear what these people may have spewed, but on the other hand not showing up speaks volumes.  Supporting our troops in an election campaign speech is hardly the same as being there.

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