Friday, March 16, 2012


It's been two weeks since my surgery.  Here is something I guess I forgot to tell everyone and my BFF is not very happy about it and insists that I blog about it.

I received a call last Monday, OK not this last Monday but the Monday prior, from the oncologist office that
the results to all my biopsies were good.  I do not remember what I was doing or where I was when the call came through.  I remember thinking I wasn't going to answer the phone, but recognized the number as that of the oncologist.  I must have thought it best to answer.   The news was good, but at this point I wasn't worried because he told us the day of the surgery everything was fine. 

I didn't tell anyone about the phone call because I didn't know anyone was waiting on information.  the Ole BFF about had heart failure this week when somehow it came up in conversation and she asked when I would get the results. Then John chimes in that I didn't tell him either.  As soon as my mom reads this, she will also let me know I didn't tell her either.

Shelly, the BFF I'm referring to plays the game Tetris.  She told me that as she would play a game she would challenge herself ( I use that word "challenge" very very lightly)  that if her score would be something like 1500 I would be cured of cancer.  As much as I would like to thank her for fighting for a cure, I'm now finding out that you would have to SUCK at Tetris if your score is only 1500.  She has me hooked on it and I usually start failing around 15,000.  I believe my high score is 21,000 which probably isn't very good either.  So I'm suggesting if you have some life threatening problem you let me know and I will have Shelly play a game of Tetris for you.  PROBLEM SOLVED.

Bottom line:  I think I will just continue to rely on God for any healings...:)  Love you Shell!


  1. Barry said you kept your results a secret because you're still waiting for more funriture.