Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I may have a malpractice addition to my female parts and my appendix, I believe the doctor also stole my funny bone.  God knows he needs one....but he could have taken my mothers, it would probably be a better match for him than mine.   I guess he doesn't find anything funny about cancer. 

I would like my humor back though please. I like laughing and finding humor in things. My goodness the more TV you listen to the more depressed you can become.  The women of the view even get on my nerves, mostly  just when Barbara Walters is on.  I would like to just reach through the TV and throttle her.  Whoopie would like do more than throttle her I can tell.  She gets on her last nerve.

Then you have all the name calling talking heads.  The Super right and the Super left and I am declaring myself a Super I don't Give a Crap Somewhere in the Middle Party.  I tend to be one of these people who can see both sides.  (aka riding the fence, which gives you a very sore arse)  So as I sit in the middle I see that THEY ARE ALL NUTS.  I've had it with Rush and the Bill Mahers of the world.  The hate that is spewed is awful.  I will say the left have the best comedy shows though.  I give them an A+.   I enjoy the Daily's not exactly where I get my political views, but sometimes it does put things in more perspective and just plain funny.  I'm making a plea for the Right to gently, but firmly pull the stick out of their you know whats and come up with something funny. 

We received the bill for my first operation, that was quite funny also.  I believe once we add everything up it would be close to $30,000 if not more.  Then I get depressed do people who do not have health insurance pay for that?  Our company (John and I work for the same company) is self insured.  This means they wrote a check for this amount.  That's a lot on a small company like ours and I'm only one person and this was only the one operation. 

Then there are the social issues swirling around.....birth control, abortion, same sex marriage.  I have opinions on all these, but really don't want to blog about them.  All I will say from a Christian perspective is above anything, God has taught and preached for us to love.  He will do the judging and I'm not worried about the social issues as much as  I am worried about me and the judgement he may have for ME!  We tend to pick out what we view as "sins" and forget God doesn't ask us to judge.  He does tell us to remove the logs/planks out of our own eyes.  

The TV is now off and I'm trying to get back to my happy spot with a computer, coffee and my favorite new addiction Pinterest.  I MUST get that funny bone back!!

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