Thursday, March 29, 2012


This is a re-run but, it's one we all need to remember.  Real men and women, real wives, real moms and dads and real children....left behind so the one they love most can go serve their country. They say time is our friend, however from where I stand  It doesn't get any easier.  In fact I think it gets worse. For the first time since he's been gone, Taylor cried real tears off and on this weekend for her dad.  She's missing him so badly.  Ben has approx 217 days left, that sounds like an eternity for an adult, let alone a kid.  I prefer to count holidays.  There are approx 7 or 8 and that's counting Taylor's birthday and Ben and Sam's anniversary.  (which incidently is next week) 

I remember that March day when Ben deployed.  I remember the tears, the hugs, the crying children as their moms or dads walked to the bus.  I remember the sense of pride we all had for these men and women and especially Ben.  We also look forward with great anticipation to the welcome home we will give them when they return.  It will be better than any Christmas!

To all who have served, and is currently serving to those who gave the ultimate price... their lives, we say thank you.  Thank you is not enough, but we can pay it forward by always remembering what paid the price for our freedom....It was the lives and service of others. 

Geez, after an uber emotional day Tuesday, I still have so many thoughts going through my head.  I find writing therapuetic so please hang with me because this post is going to be all over the place.  ( it also should be the last one on this terribly emotional day!)

First, let me say, I knew it would be a hard day.  I had put it in the background of my mind knowing it was something that was coming up and I knew it would be difficult...However, as an observer, it turns out it was much harder than imagined.  First, let me say we love Ben and we are sad he's gone, but that wasn't the only part that was so hard.  What really makes it difficult is to see the pain in the people you love most.   I know Ben was glad that his family was there but his concern, grief, tears, and heartache was for Samantha and Taylor.  Leaving the rest of us, though not pleasant, was nothing compared to leaving his wife and child.  As a parent to one of these two, let me tell you it's heart wrenching to watch.

Second, when you look around at 170 people preparing to deploy and saying their last goodbye's it makes your heart heavy.  There was a child within feet of us sobbing/shreeking/yelling, I'm not sure what the right word is,  for her daddy who had just walked out to get on the bus.  I'm not sure of her age, probably six or seven.  She was old enough to know that her dad would not be around for a very long time.  One of Ben's  cousins gave her one of the Army dolls they were passing out. She hadn't received one so I believe it brought a little smile to her face. She will probably never have to be told or taught how to respect those who serve... she received that lesson early in life.   For the group I was with, this experience will be something words CANNOT explain or describe and second we will never forget. 

I think we as humans don't seem to truly understand things until it touches our lives.  Which makes us I guess not too bright.  There are several things that I learned yesterday.  Though there were 170 men/women being deployed in this particular unit, attached to those 170 are many many others who love them dearly and are also sacrificing.  Though it's true that the United States Military is volunteer, to me that even speaks louder than anything about our troops.  Ben had told me a year or so ago, that he really didn't want to "get out" of deploying because he wanted to serve.  He didn't want to get out of the service without actually doing something.

Well, here we are......through the heart ache, tears, missed holidays, missed birthday celebrations, missed family gatherings, there will be a  HUGE celebration in a year.  I believe this particular homecoming is going to be spectacular and none of us can wait....Especially Sam and Taylor.   God bless our service men and women both past and future and the families that sacrifice for that service!

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