Monday, March 19, 2012


This weekend we kept our granddaughter Taylor while mommy and daddy went on a weekend adventure.  This will be the last weekend together before Ben deploys.  (John did most the work, as I'm not quite up to three year old shenanigans yet)

  My kids were so very lucky to have wonderful grandparents.  I never had grandparents, I mean I had them, but they were way too old to take any interest in me or play with me.  So when our kids were fortunate to have a few sets, it was just fantastic.

It probably goes without saying that this is the house of no rules when it comes to Taylor.  As long as her "fun" doesn't include burning the house down or murdering us in our sleep (I sleep with one open) she can do whatever she wants. Friday night as Tay and I were laying in bed she told me her daddy didn't feed her at all that day and she had had nothing to eat all day.  Don't worry, I was onto her game.  The game of "I don't want to go to bed."  Here's the difference between my mom and I.  My mom would have TOTALLY believed the kid.  She would have had a frying pan in one hand scrambling eggs and the telephone in the other calling me and yelling about starving children.  I'm not exaggerating. 

I don't know if my kids did it on purpose (yes I do know and yes they did) they would get me in trouble about anything and everything.  If they spent the weekend at my parents I could count on a lecture by Monday morning about something.  It could be anything from "my mom won't buy me new shoes and mine have holes in them" to "mom didn't pay our school fees so we aren't getting our report cards"  The truth on that was we had written a check that never got delivered to the teacher.......NOT MY FAULT.  When they would go visit I would want to duct tape their mouths.  They had a knack of taking a thread of truth, something totally out of context and making it into something outrageous.  I could be screaming about wishing I lived in butt (bad bad word) Egypt and they would take that and tell Grandma we were going to vacation in a faraway land and planned on  putting them in an orphanage.  You get the idea.

With all that being said....I guess that's what families do.  We protect and love one another.  We are there in good times and bad.  Being a grandparent is totally different than being the parent.  I love watching my family gather around Taylor and loving her to death.  Is she spoiled?  probably, but in the end I don't think it will matter.  I thank God that she has two great parents and a lot of people who love her!

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