Friday, March 30, 2012


You know the old joke (which I still don't get)  What's a henweigh?  Well here's my question, and it's not a joke....what does two ovaries, two Fallopian tubes, an appendicts and a twenty week pregnant size uterus weigh?


When I look in my special  mirror, I see Kim Kardashian.....when I see pictures of myself, I see Rosanne Barr.  Actually I relate most with  that cartoon character from BC.
I'm the one on the far left where my boobs and my ass really make my back hurt. 

Seriously, I was feeling kind of good, felt like my pants may be a bit more loose and I decided to weigh myself.  Let me talk about my scale for just one second.....I'm not lying, it was a wedding gift to my mom and dad Circa 1956....but do you know the darn thing is as accurate as the Dr.'s scale?  OK back to bitching......I weighed myself and I weigh the EXACT same as I did prior to surgery.  HOW???? 
If someone can explain this please do, because there is no logical reason for it. 

The same day I weigh myself there is a facebook post from one of my friends (you know who you are) that said (I'm paraphrasing here) 

"I went on vacation last week and ate myself into oblivion.  Weighed myself today and I've lost 10 lbs."

Shut up OK?  Just shut up!  You were a skinny bitch in high school and will always be just shut up.  (kind of just kidding here Jody)  Maybe I have a fat gene that was passed down from generation to generation......not my fault.    Tape worm?  probably not.....addiction to food?  Sounds to harsh.  Love of fine cuisine.....probably.  Social eater? definitely.

Still, when you lose 4 or five organs, how can you weigh the same?

I go to Dr. Happy next can bet I'm going to ask. 

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