Saturday, February 18, 2012


Since I've started this doctor stuff, I've had several people who have tried to convince me to go Natural.  Here is my disclaimer before I get started.  I have NOTHING against going natural or alternative medicine.  (I have actually witnessed it working with someone with MS, just by diet) I respect all opinions concerning this.  I have actually read everything that anyone has sent to me. In searching I found the blog below:

 I've just started reading it but, it sounds like she went the "alternative" route.  She died, but she had serious, serious cancer that she would probably have died with the traditional way also.  In my opinion, there is no way to determine what works better.  We all know people who have survived cancer both ways.  I'm a never say never person.  In fact I am looking for something natural ( I use the word natural because homeopathy is too long to spell.) that will help deal with the sudden menopause that I'm going to have in a few weeks.  I will not be allowed HRT, but if symptoms get too bad, I know I'm going to be on the search for a supplement or two.

As far as a long term commitment to alternative medicine, I just don't think I have it in me.  Also insurance will not pay for it, which is a really big deal to me. 

Here is my problem. I have very little discipline.  In no particular order here are a few things I love about life:  (call me shallow)

The Important F's in life:
John wants me to add another F word, but I told him I was shocked and appalled that he would even suggest it!! What is he trying to do?... kill my mother!!

Anyway, back on topic......I have no desire, even for my life, to drink food that has been juiced, eat nothing but lettuce from my own back yard and never touch meat.  Hell, I choose the meat first, and MAYBE throw some broccoli around it.  Never would I consider a vegetable the main course.  In the blog above she was doing two coffee enemas a day.  Do you know how hard that is for me NOT to make a few jokes about?  I'm not going to knock it or agree with it.  I have not researched it enough to be smart or smart mouthed.  All I'm going to say is apparently coffee isn't just for breakfast anymore. 

  Again, I admit I am shallow, but if I have a choice between eating only a small list of fruits and vegetables which needs to be juiced  or the feast at the Master's table, I'm going with the grand buffet in heaven.  Momma always said there are worse things than and miserable is one of them.  (you can substitute the word "married" in that quote also)  I'm sort of a picky eater, but there are healthy things I like. I just don't have the time or finances to be buying organic everything and carrying my own food into restaurants just to be with my friends.   Besides, when the coffee at work comes up missing and I'm on the pot all day, that will not go over well with my co-workers or employer.

I'm willing to make changes for my health I really am, just not like this.  I can eat a diabetic or even gluton free diet to save my life, but this is more than I am willing to do right now. 

As I said, I am looking for  alternative hormonal help after my ovarectomy (I'm making up my own terms, they make more sense) I won't be allowed to have hormones because hormones feeds cancer.  So now what?  I'm open to suggestions for this problem. I already get so hot I think I'm going to spontaneiously combust, so I can't imagine how I will deal with the flame that is about to be ignited. 

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  1. I totally agree with your top 5! For being HOT John better learn not to TOUCH THE THERMOSTAT......EVER....AGAIN.