Saturday, February 11, 2012

Medicine is a Business

I'm blogging about medicine again today.  This fiasco in the last month has truly been my first experience with the medical field.  I have to say 99.9% of those I have dealt with were great.  When I went for my CT Scan and the IV infiltrated (dye went in the surrounding tissues of the site) the tech was so apologetic.  I felt bad for her because she felt so bad.  When Dr V told me I had cancer, I felt bad for her because telling someone that would not be fun and you never know how someone is going to react.  Wednesday, when I called Dr W about the path report and my bleeding bladder, she told me to just drop by that afternoon.  For some reason I have this fear of "bothering" people.  I asked her if she was sure because I could wait until the following day if it were more convenient for her.  She starting laughing "just get in here, this is my job!!" and she also told me I need to get over this fear of bothering people because in the upcoming months I would be bothering people a lot. 

I'm not sure why I'm the way I am.  By nature, I want everyone to be happy.  I can't help it.  Life is a lot more fun when people are happy and content. I believe on the whole, we need to pick our battles.  I don't like when people feel the need to fight about everything.  I deal with customers all day long.  Most are as nice as can be. A very low percentage believe their life is going to end because they were short a carton of sour cream.  I have on occasion been reamed up one side and down the other over something this insignificant.  At those moments I want to say " if this is your biggest problem in life, you've got it made"  However, we smile and will send a semi three states away with their sour cream.  Consumers, can be even funnier.  I had woman call and say she found a chicken finger in her dip.  For the record, this is IMPOSSIBLE.  She was not nasty, she was just reporting the facts.  It Turned out, and to her credit she admitted it, the chicken finger was her granddaughters who was dipping it into the dip. 

As one of my blogger friends pointed out on one of my earlier posts.  Medicine is no different than anything else.  It is a business.  I admit when we went to the oncologist and he was for the first time reading everything in front of me (I think scanning it is a better description) my confidence level dipped.  When the Pathology report wasn't there he was very nonchalant.  My very first instinct when he said it wasn't there was, OMG get on the phone and see where it is.  When he didn't, I did.  When I called Dr W, she was on it.  I had an answer by the next morning.  If I had not called her, we would still be waiting.  Is this a difference between Male doctors and Female Doctors or just a difference in people?  Feel free to comment.  I don't want to start a man bashing contest, but we all know there are BIG differences between men and women.  It's not good against bad it's more of the way we look at things and the way they look at things.  Anyway, I will get off the Path report since it seems to have come back very favorable.  I will move on to something else now :) 


  1. I told you he was gruff. I was trying not to scare you! Didn't you see me kick Sam a couple of times under the table! lol He is one of the best in his field and I grew to live with his not so good bed side manners. How about that exam? lol I shake with fear when I have to go there because of how brutal that exam is. I think if he was a woman and knew how that felt, he would be a lil more gentle. All in all, I learned to get past his, not so good manners because I knew, that he knew his stuff and I wanted the best for what I was dealing with. It is always nice to have that good side Dr that will fill ya in on all the details. I think that is the difference between Drs and specialists. Hang in there, friend. Hopefully you won't need him much longer!! That is my prayer for you!

    1. Yes, you did Nancy.....I noticed Sam quit talking when I started asking questions....I hope you didn't bruise him. :)