Tuesday, February 14, 2012


If the court system ever has to seize my computer and search my google search engine the only thing they will come up with is either someone in our family  is deathly ill or we are hypochondriacs (or is it hyper.....I'm getting this confused with Sarah's thyroid) Between Sarah and I, we have covered every illness known to mankind.    I, on more than ten occasions, have googled Sarcoma and that brings up 200,000 results and I think I've read 150,000 of them.  I've googled all I can google and read as much as I can read.  I'm pretty sure I could pass a state board exam on Uterine Sarcoma. 

As most know I went to the oncologist today for official results.  As I'm sitting and waiting in the office today I was relaxed.  I just looked around at all the things. The stirrups, the speculum,   I even texted my girlfriend that I had an overwhelming desire to steal the KY that was sitting there.  There were two tubes, would they really miss one?  I didn't touch or steal anything so relax.

 When I talk about this doctor,  people think I don't like him.  I truly do like him, he's just.....I don't know......unemotional.  Dr W, about peed herself when she told me there was good news.  Dr H, didn't even say there WAS good news.  He rattled off some numbers, and from I took from the rattle  my tumor rated a 7 out of a possible 10.  If  my husband rated me a 7 out of ten my first thought would be "hey at least I'm above average."  Perhaps my tumor was an underachiever.  In this case I believe that is what we are hoping for.  I just got the impression, he wasn't convinced of anything. 

In a very business like five minutes, he told me we would proceed with an exploratory Laparatomy accompanied by a bi-laterial oophorectomy and salpingectomy.  You can google this if you want, but all it means is I will have exploratory surgery of my pelvis area and he will remove my ovaries and fallopian tubes.   He told me that the ovaries will be sent to pathology to be biopsied and "staged" while I was still on the table.  Gee, I hope it doesn't take four weeks to get the results back like the last time.....that would be a heck of a nap.  ( by the way the "stage" is going to be negative 1) He will swab my insides and send that out to be tested and he will then rinse my cavity with a saline solution and have that tested.  When all this comes back clean, I will then be following up on everything every 6 months. 

So the saga continues, but not near as scary as before.  I view all of this as a precautionary move to make sure we have done everything humanly possible to catch anything that may have escaped.  I'm not looking forward to another surgery, but if this puts it to bed then let's get on with it.  We have a vacation in June to prepare for, there is no time for this nonsense. 

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  1. You're the best! You are one positive gal. He's covering ALL the bases.