Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Quick Update

 I know so many are wanting to hear how things went, so I'm just going to post a quick update and I will go into more detail later.  (because I got some bloggable material today buddy!!)

There really isn't a whole lot to tell.  Get this.......the pathology report is not back from Cleveland Clinic yet!!!!  The first words out of my mouth  were Are you kidding me???????  So here's what we DON'T know:

We don't know if it is Endometrial Stromas Sarcoma, leiomysarcoma, or an undifferentiated Sarcoma. 
We don't know if it is High grade or Low grade
We don't really even know what stage.  

What we do know:

It appears from the CT scan that my body is NOT riddled with cancer. That is good news.
There is a small inflamed lymph node in my neck/shoulder area that we may biopsy if it's big enough.  There is a very small something on my lung.  He said that we will be following these things with more ct scans every so often. 

We go back in two weeks for the rest of the story.......


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