Saturday, February 25, 2012


The last six weeks have been kind of bizarre.  As I reflect I realize how much has gone right.  There is so much to be thankful for and so much to laugh about.  You don't have to think I'm funny, really, it's OK.  This is just me sharing how my mind works.   I truly find humor in just about everything, which others can find quite irritating.  Here are a few things that went very right in the last six weeks. 

1.  Morphine:  I always thought morphine was reserved for the dying, but dang the minute I woke up I simply said, "I have to pee" the nurse said "no you don't, here have some morphine."  and she injected it into my IV.  That's pretty good stuff I tell ya.....Kind of hope that nurse is on duty this time.

2.  Private rooms:  Probably the best thing that has come along with the privacy laws are the private rooms.  I would have been miserable in the room with another person. Everyone says I'm like my mother.  I have her humor and sarcasm, but believe me she is much more social than me.  Mom would have loved to have a roommate because she likes to talk..We would know the other patients age, her children's names, birth dates and social security numbers along with the patients profession and salary.  That information would have been gathered in the first hour. I like peace and quiet and being able to belch, fart and watch whatever I want on TV.  After sharing a house with a husband and three teenagers, there is something to be said about a little peace and quiet.

3. Food:  I am the only soul on earth that really likes hospital food.  I think it's just because I didn't have to cook it.  I think I would eat raccoon if I didn't have to cook it.  Which reminds me of another story.   When I was little we were invited to someones house for pancakes and squirrel.  Who in the hell came up with that combination!!? Again my mother had to give me a lecture about not making a scene when I was given a plate of squirrel and pancakes with squirrel gravy on them...As though I'm the scene maker in the family.   My brother is the one that passes out at the sight of a hang nail. I believe he can barf on command.  I would give you funny stories about my dad, but he never talked....I can't understand why.  I do have one funny story, but I may have to wait until he passes to tell it. It's kind of a crappy story (pun intended)  OK, I digressed, the other food that was ten times better than the hospital food was what very kind people brought in to us after we were home.    We had lasagna, salad, Stromboli, soup so much good stuff and good desserts.  It was so so appreciated.  (this should be a powerful hint, seeing as this surgery is going to be SO MUCH WORSE, I won't be able to cook for weeks)

4.  Furniture: As everyone already knows, I have a hyster couch and chair that will be delivered shortly.  Now, all I'm asking for is a Oophorectomy/salpingectomy table and chairs. Yep, I'm bringing this up again because here is what I think......I think my life would be complete if I could have this table and chairs that are at Andres.   Our friends have deemed this The Year of the Bobbie, but I will gladly  reduce this to The Quarter of the Bobbie If I can have this table and chairs plus two vacations. (It's like negotiating a contract)   So if we could just squeeze this last thing in there before the quarter is up, I will be very very happy. Did I mention its a Paula Dean table?  I know, I know, we aren't supposed to like her because she now has diabetes (due to being overweight and cooks like our grandmas used to with butter and lard) and she didn't want to tell the world about her affliction, but I love her!! Here I digress again ,but if I get killed crossing the road, it will still be blamed on my weight because I was too fat to run. The death certificate can probably just be filled out right now with cause of death being fatness.

5.  On a more serious note, I really do thank God for everything.  I thank God that even though I waited and waited to get this surgery, it did not spread through my body.  I thank God that when they were doing the surgery they were able to get the part out whole and not have to cut it in half because this would have "seeded" the area with cancer.  I thank God for all the friends, family, and churches that rose to the occasion.  When something good happens we always say God is Good!  I need to remind myself and others that God is good all the time.  Even if this had been a worse case scenario.....GOD IS STILL GOOD (GREAT).   As hard as life is, and there are others who have it a million times worse than me, God is constant.  I would love to peak at his play book, but I think he knows better.  We humans would find a way  to screw up a good plan! 

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