Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hurry Up and Wait

I think the word of the week is "WAIT".  Maybe I should have put a GPS on my uterus so I would at least know where it is.   Aultman used it to figure out the basic Sarcoma.  Cleveland Clinic received it to do the
hard part of figuring out which type of Sarcoma.  Now where is it?  Has it been incinerated?  Are they still slicing and dicing on it?  Did The Fibroids hold most of the cancer and now that dirty old cancer is burnt beyond recognition and my body is free? 

Yep, we wait.  How about that CT scan?  Who has that?  Someone out there knows what that shows.  It's probably clear as can be and so they aren't concerned.  Do they remember there is a patient on that scan? A real live person, who may be losing sleep over that picture?  Hell, with all the social media they could post it to my facebook page.  Wouldn't you LOVE to see my chest, abdomen and pelvis.  The pelvis is in color!!

Why can't we read the pathology report?  Why aren't there copies to hand out and go over.  I get that I probably couldn't understand a lot of it, but I bet I could figure out some of it.  Here is all I know about my first pathology report:  It's Sarcoma.  I had two large fibroids and they both looked "funny"  I guess that's all I need to know, but I sure do have a lot more questions.

 Here is a glance into my mind on how I think this all went down.....Like many normal women, I grew fibroids ( which are not cancerous)  For some reason my uterus sprouted a sarcoma.  The Sarcoma became bored and was looking for a nice place to visit.  The Sarcoma was lazy and really didn't want to drill a hole through my uterus to go on an adventure so instead it went to the nearby  Fibroid Islands. Here they lived happily ever after until Some mean Dr. with a big knife went and cut them out.  The End. I could write children's books, this is what all good nightmares are made of.

I have a feeling that through this experience no matter how big or small it turns out to be, I will become somewhat critical of the medical field.  I already have some major problems.  The crap they make you drink whether it be for bowel clean out or the CT scan, is just that.... CRAP!! The stuff I had to drink for the clean out prior to surgery tasted like an over obnoxious sweet tart.  It was doable, but pushed the limit.  The CT Scan crap was a mixture of milk thickened with snot and flavored with a touch of coconut.  I think the trick to these two drinks is to use a straw.  You can position the straw in such a way it misses some of those taste buds and shoots it right down the throat.  I used the straw with the pop tart one, but not the snot one. 

The scan required you to drink two bottles.  I drank the first one in 40 minutes and got a twenty minute break before the second one.  The second one, I cheated......yes I cheated.  I threw up the first couple drinks right into the sink.  This may gross some people out, but I am not one for making a scene.  That crap refused to go down.  It came right back up in my mouth.  I nonchalantly went to the bathroom and puked it in the sink.  I continued to drink until the last.... oh less than a quarter and dumped the rest down the drain.  The technician told me after the scan that she could tell I didn't cheat.  I told John that proves right there that they are making you drink more than you need......because I did cheat. 

I have to tell you no matter what, I love my first two doctors.  My Gynecologist and the surgeon.  They have great personalities and are so so easy to talk to.  I understand that medicine is not cookbook.  It's not black and white.  I think medicine should improve where they can.  Let's improve wait times, crap you have to ingest to get a picture of the insides,  communication or status of whatever is going on, tracking know things like that.  (I'm pretty sure this list will grow)

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